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About St. Croix Health

St. Croix Health is a non-profit healthcare system based in St. Croix Falls, WI. The roots of St. Croix Health are traced back to Dr. Jake Riegel, a military doctor during World War I, who returned to St. Croix Falls in 1919 and opened the first hospital of the St. Croix Valley in his wife’s family home, the Baker House. For over 100 years, St. Croix Health has been serving the healthcare needs of the greater St. Croix Valley area. Today, St. Croix Health offers the services of 100+ providers and 20 specialties with five community clinics all supported by a critical access hospital on the main campus in St. Croix Falls.

St. Croix Health offers clinic locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In Minnesota, there is a clinic located in Lindstrom. In Wisconsin, St. Croix Health clinics are located in St. Croix Falls, Balsam Lake (Unity clinic), Frederic, and Webster. All five clinics offer both primary care and specialty care needs for the communities they serve. In addition to those services, St. Croix Health’s Webster location offers a dental clinic.

As a healthcare system, St. Croix Health works to fulfill the healthcare needs of the communities it serves. Living and working through St. Croix Health's Mission, Vision, and Values are a priority and focus on all the campuses as we strive to exceed expectations.

Our Mission

We help people live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Our Vision

To transform from quality sick care to quality well care that is sustainable and affordable.

Our Values

  • People Centered We are committed to collaborate, coordinate, and provide accessible and affordable care that is based on shared decision-making between patients, consumers, their families, and care teams. We respect their preferences, values, cultural traditions, and socio-economic situations.
  • Trust We are committed to act in the best interests of our patients, their families, our colleagues, and the communities we serve. We are thoughtful, consistent, and purposeful in all our actions. We trust that everyone who is a part of our team will perform at their best.
  • Innovation We are committed to drive innovation by implementing products, services, processes, and business models that aim to improve quality, affordability, integration, and sustainability for our patients, consumers, and communities.

We utilize technology to innovate and change the way people buy and use health care and create business models that integrate the delivery of care between health care organizations or activities.

  • Growth We are committed to invest in growth strategies independently, through partnerships, and through alliances to enhance services driven by customer need or demand that optimize revenue and opportunities for future expansion.

Commitment to Quality

St. Croix Health is committed to an ongoing quality and performance improvement program to evaluate the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the care delivered to our patients and their families.

St. Croix Health received a 5-star rating for patient experience! This rating is based on a national survey performed by HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). You can see the complete results here: Hospital Compare

St. Croix Health participates with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) inpatient hospital care survey – a standardized survey used to measure the patient’s perception of care during their hospitalization. The data is available on the CMS Hospital Compare website for consumer review and comparison with participating facilities. This data is available for use by consumers when choosing a facility for their healthcare needs.


CheckPoint gives a snapshot of Wisconsin hospitals’ performance in key areas. With this information, you can see how often each hospital provides recommended care for patients with certain conditions or the progress hospitals have made towards national patient safety goals. This information may be used by the public to compare how different hospitals perform and to promote quality improvement efforts within hospitals.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

St. Croix Health conducted a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and developed an implementation strategy with interventions to address the identified health needs.

The purpose of the CHNA was to evaluate and prioritize health concerns in order to empower the community to solve health problems and improve health outcomes. The goal is for the community to collectively and strategically target evidence based interventions to improve population health.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)