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Pain Management

We Can Help You Live Life to the Fullest Again

Living with pain on a day-to-day basis takes its toll mentally and physically. It can be caused by natural aging, daily activities, surgery, and many other reasons. Pain management is focused on treating a variety of pain related issues that can be very minimal or very serious. The primary goal is to help you find relief from your pain and get you back to living your life to the fullest.

Our pain team works closely together to help you improve your quality of life through interventional medicine procedures and medication management. This may include procedures such as nerve blocks or steroid injections, surgical options, comprehensive headache management, and therapy options.

Pain management offers interventional medicine and medication management in multiple areas such as:

By the end of your visit with pain management, we want you to feel educated and confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan moving forward.

Our treatments include:

Empowered Relief

Train Your Brain Away from Pain

This evidence-based, skills-based class requires only ONE visit.

Please join us for a FREE 2-hour class

  • Learn about pain and what you can do to help yourself
  • Gain pain relief skills you can use right away
  • Receive a free binaural relaxation audio file
  • Create a personal plan for pain relief

Have a friend or family member attend with you!

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