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St. Croix Health Breast Center

Put your Trust in Us

You can trust our dedicated and experienced breast care team to deliver the care that best meets your needs. Our team consists of breast surgeons, oncologists, registered nurses, patient navigators, and radiologists who collaborate to provide the best care possible for your overall well-being. We bring you a close to home environment that makes every aspect of your breast health less stressful and complicated.

Breast Cancer Screening & Prevention Services

Getting annual mammograms once you turn 40 is a gift to your future self. Early detection is a powerful tool that can lead to greater outcomes. Plus, getting checked annually can provide more peace of mind.

St. Croix Health’s dedicated breast care team is here for you. We provide services for every stage of this journey—from prevention and screening to breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship care, and beyond.

Take a minute and schedule your annual appointment. By taking this step today, you’re prioritizing your health and your future.

Visit our Mammography page to learn more.

Call (800) 828-3627 to schedule your screening mammogram at St. Croix Falls or Webster Health Center!

Early and late appointments available.
Results in 24 to 48 hours.

St. Croix Health Breast Center services include:

  • Having breast care navigators for appointment scheduling, education, and support if your mammogram is abnormal.
  • Radiology services to obtain images and biopsies as necessary.
  • Accessing genetic counseling and testing if breast cancer is in your family.
  • Being able to be treated close to home by:
    • Board certified general surgeons who specialize in benign and malignant breast care, as well as high risk assessments.
    • A plastic surgeon to provide reconstruction services.
    • Radiologists provided through a partnership with Midwest Radiology, a top radiology group in the Twin Cities.
    • Medical oncologists who provide onsite consultation and infusion services in either St. Croix Falls or Frederic.
    • Radiation Oncologists through a partnership with the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin.
    • Pathologists provided through a partnership with Hospital Pathology Associates, a top pathology group in the Twin Cities.
    • Registered mammography, ultrasound, and MRI technologists to perform imaging.
    • Certified genetic counselors to provide information about genetic counseling and testing.
    • Providing care for any long-term monitoring and any follow-up care you may need.
    • If you have additional questions about breast health or mammograms, please contact the St. Croix Health Breast Center at (800) 828-3627.

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For more information about breast care and mammography, be sure to check out our Breast Health FAQs page!

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