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Sports Medicine in Polk County & Surrounding Areas

Empowering Athletes of All Ages at St. Croix Health

Sports and physical activities serve as a fun, rewarding escape from daily stressors, significantly benefiting overall health. However, these activities invariably carry the risk of injury, particularly for athletes who subject their bodies to considerable physical strain through rigorous training and competition.

At St. Croix Health, we stand by athletes of all ages and everyday sports enthusiasts, providing comprehensive treatment for sports-related injuries and educating them on prevention strategies. Our objective is to thoroughly assess your injuries or persistent problem areas, devise personalized recovery plans, and help you return to your usual physical activities. We aim to reduce injury risks, enhance your everyday lifestyle, and promote healthy living.

Our sports medicine team in the St. Croix Valley offers a range of services, including:

  • Concussion management and other sports-related head injuries
  • Nutrition, supplements, ergogenic aids, and performance issues
  • Injury prevention
  • Return-to-play decisions based on an injured athlete’s condition or recovery
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Non-operative and spine concerns
  • Ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Regenerative medicine

Taking time off from your regular activities can be daunting due to an injury. One of our key goals is to strengthen the injured area to minimize the likelihood of recurring injuries. We achieve this by recommending or providing specific training exercises tailored to your needs.

However, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider or a medical examiner before embarking on a new workout routine to ensure it's safe and won't contribute to future risks or injuries.

Understanding Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a specialized field of healthcare that focuses on preventing and treating injuries related to sports and exercise. This includes not only the management of acute injuries like fractures or sprains but also chronic conditions like tendonitis or osteoarthritis. Sports medicine professionals work closely with athletes to improve their performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and aid in recovery when injuries occur.

Treating Sports Injuries

If you sustain a sports injury, it's essential to avoid self-diagnosing or self-treating the issue. While some minor injuries may improve with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), more severe injuries require professional medical attention. Do not ignore persistent pain, swelling, or limited mobility after an injury.

At St. Croix Health, we urge you to consult our sports medicine team if you've sustained a sports injury. Our experts can provide an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan to ensure a safe and effective recovery for the St. Croix Falls community.

Call (800) 828-3627 and trust us with your sports injury needs. We’ll guide you back to your active lifestyle safely and efficiently.

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