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St. Croix Health and Dr. Jeffrey Hall are deeply disturbed by the continued defamatory, slanderous statements being issued by Nanette Liegeois (aka No No Nanette). Liegeois was employed with St. Croix Health (SCH) for a very brief period over 10 years ago, seeing 13 patients over the five days she delivered patient care. During that time, employees of SCH identified and brought forth significant concerns about Liegeois' patient care approach and her overall competence. SCH quickly moved to separate employment with Liegeois in light of these concerns in order to protect our patients and team members.

Since then, Liegeois has launched defamatory campaigns against the well-known and well-respected Dr. Jeffrey Hall, nurse Kelli Eklof, SCH team members, and other reputable individuals and organizations outside of SCH. Her allegations regarding SCH, Dr. Hall, nurse Eklof and others are patently false. They have been refuted by witnesses and rejected by the courts and by administrative bodies at the state and federal level. Liegeois' license to practice medicine in Wisconsin has been suspended, and she has not been employed as a physician for years.

We ask patients and members of the public to stand alongside St. Croix Health in refuting Liegeois’ attempts at defaming Dr. Hall, nurse Eklof, and other current and former members of the SCH team. For those who have reached out and offered your support concerning this matter, we thank you and ask that you continue to do so as we work to put a stop to these reckless assaults.

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