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Coronavirus Information

What should I do if I am experiencing symptoms?

Please get tested and follow all COVID-19 protocols. Staying home and remaining isolated is the best way to protect others and avoid spreading the virus if you're concerned that you've been exposed to COVID-19. Unless you are experiencing severe symptoms — such as increasing shortness of breath — you should treat yourself at home with rest, lots of fluids, and Tylenol for fever or muscle aches.

Remain in your home until:

  • At least three (3) days (72 hours) have passed since resolution of fever
  • You are no longer using fever-reducing medications
  • Improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath)
  • At least five (5) days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
When should I seek medical care?

Visit an urgent care or emergency center for evaluation and treatment if you're experiencing severe symptoms, such as increasing shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain, or constant feeling of being lightheaded

St. Croix Health has enhanced safety measures in place including:

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes
  • All visitors and staff are required to wear masks
  • We are limiting visitors in our hospitals and clinics
Do I have to wear a mask?

St. Croix Health providers fully understand the discomfort associated with wearing a mask for extended periods of time. We do not see any medical reason that necessitates not wearing a mask in public, and we will respectfully decline writing a letter exempting you from wearing a mask. If you feel your breathing is adversely affected, you may see a provider for further testing. Thank you for understanding.

How much does a COVID-19 test cost?

COVID-19 testing is offered for $180, but many insurance companies have waived patient out of pocket cost. St. Croix Health is participating in a government program that may waive the cost for patients without insurance.

When can I return to work/school after being tested for COVID-19?

Follow your employer or school requirements, as these may vary for each location. If you are waiting on test results due to an exposure, you should isolate until you receive results and the following have been met.

What are my treatment options?

St. Croix Health is offering treatment options for COVID-19. The FDA has authorized both injectable and oral treatments for eligible patients. Information about these options is listed here.

Treatments may be used by people with mild to moderate COVID-19 who:

  • Have a positive, laboratory confirmed COVID-19 test.
  • Are within 5-7 days of the start of their symptoms.
  • Are 18 years or older and weigh at least 88 pounds
  • Are at high risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 or of needing to be admitted to a hospital because of COVID-19.

The process:

  • Qualifying patients are contacted by an St. Croix Health patient access team member (via phone) to offer an appointment.
    • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 at a non-St. Croix Health location and believe you may qualify for this treatment, please call: (715) 483-3221 and let them know you are interested in COVID-19 treatment.
  • Interested patients will be scheduled for a virtual appointment with a provider who will educate and assist with informed decision making.
  • If oral treatment is appropriate, a prescription will be offered.

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