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Same Day Surgery

Many surgeries performed at St. Croix Health are same day surgeries. This means, you arrive for your surgery on the date you are scheduled to come in and leave after a brief recovery period that same day. These are typically minimally invasive surgeries that do not involve large incisions. Some of our most common same day surgeries are colonoscopies, joint replacements, breast reconstruction and lumpectomy, urology procedures and vein ablations.

Pre-Op Area

It is recommended you have someone drive you to and from the hospital, especially if you will be sedated for the procedure. When you arrive at the hospital, we will take you to the pre-op area for initial preparation. One person can accompany you to the pre-op area.

PACU – Post Anesthesia Care Unit

You will be brought here to recover from sedation if any was used during your procedure. The surgeon will use this time to speak privately with your friends or family to tell them how the procedure went. Recovery in the PACU can take up to two hours. Friends and family can visit you after you leave the PACU. Patients who receive anesthesia should not operate a vehicle for 24 hours.

Outpatient Recovery Area

Once you have recovered from sedation, you will be moved to the outpatient recovery area where your friends and family can visit you. Home care instructions will be provided before you are discharged.


Information about colonoscopies and colorectal cancer prevention can be found here. This includes the documents needed to prepare for the procedure.

Contact us at (800) 828-3627 to learn about our same-day surgery options at St. Croix Health.

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