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Birthing Services

St. Croix Health offers a family-centered birth experience: labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum – all in one, home-like setting. An obstetrician, nurse midwife and physicians provide delivery coverage and C-sections as needed.

Learn more about lactations services from the link below:

For more information or to make an appointment call (800) 828-3627.

Labor and Delivery – Your Birth Experience

When the big day finally arrives, St. Croix Health is committed to providing you with the birth experience you always imagined. With safety as our top priority, our staff will guide you through this truly remarkable and memorable event.

What To Expect During Labor

If you have labor signs or symptoms, please call our OB nursing staff at (715) 483-0576. They will assess you over the phone and may instruct you to come into the hospital.

If you are in labor, you will be admitted to a private labor and delivery suite.

The progress of your labor will be monitored in the labor and delivery room using continuous or intermittent electronic fetal monitoring.

If you would like pain relief, an anesthetist is always on call. If you prefer an un-medicated delivery, your nurse and physician or midwife will assist you — providing both experienced coaching and helping you to be as comfortable as possible during labor and delivery.

Expectant Parent Classes

Getting ready for the arrival of your baby can be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences that a parent will go through. St. Croix Health is here to help remove the feeling of stress by preparing you and your significant other for the big day. We offer FREE expectant parent classes once a week for four weeks where medical professionals will walk you through tips and skills that will help you feel more confident and educated on how to raise your newborn.

nurse teaching an expectant parenting classa couple practicing cpr on a fake babya classroom

*All Expectant Parent classes take place over four consecutive Mondays. When you register, you will select the first date of the 4-week class which will automatically register you for the other 3 dates. All classes will start at 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm in the St. Croix Health Riverbend Conference Center*

For more information, please contact our birth center or follow the link below for dates as well as registration.

Online registration here: Expectant Parent Class

Over-the-Counter Medications During Pregnancy and Lactation

Over-the-Counter medicines are medications that you can buy in a pharmacy or store without a doctor's prescription. They come in different forms, including pills, creams, and eye drops. Some of these medications are safe for pregnant and lactating mothers, but others may need to be monitored. Use this resource guide when choosing medications to treat different symptoms. If you continue to have questions, talk with your provider or your pharmacist or check these websites for additional information:

Neonatal Virtual Care

When something unexpected happens to your baby, it feels like the world comes to a halt. Through a new virtual care partnership, physicians at St. Croix Health now have enhanced 24/7 access to Children’s neonatal care specialists. Using audio/video technology, St. Croix Health physicians can hold a virtual consultation with a neonatal clinician from the Children’s Hospital in Minnesota. From there, clinicians from both systems collaborate on the care management of newborns requiring acute stabilization after birth and determine whether the baby needs to be transferred another facility for further care.

When deemed appropriate, the St. Croix Health physician places a call to Children’s Minnesota and requests a virtual consultation. Within minutes, a neonatal specialist from Children’s will connect via an audio/ video conference with the provider and care team. There is no extra cost to the patient’s family.

Assuming there are no medical complications, mothers and babies stay together from the moment of birth. All newborn exams are done at the mother’s bedside.

caring for your newborn

St. Croix Health understands that caring for a newborn can be overwhelming. You can find information to help answer your questions any time you need it here.

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