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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is focused primarily on how the organs and body systems are functioning. It is mostly used to study:

  • Kidney function
  • Blood flow
  • Bone irregularities
  • Thyroid function
  • Stomach function
  • Gall bladder function

How Does It Work?

To prepare for a nuclear medicine test, you may have to fast (no eating or drinking) for up to 12 hours before the procedure. Alternatively, you may be asked to drink plenty of water so that your stomach is full for the test.

Prior to the test, you will need to absorb a small amount of a radioactive drug (tracer) either by swallowing it or having it injected by a medical professional. This tracer will highlight the area being looked at during an imaging scan and allows your doctor to view your body’s internal functions. The tracer will be flushed out of your system naturally by drinking plenty of liquids.

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