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St. Croix HealthRelease of Medical Information

Release of Medical Information

Medical information is confidential and protected by law. While the information belongs to the patient, St. Croix Health owns the record. The information can only be released with authorization from the patient or their legal guardian. The law requires that the authorization include the patient’s signature and the date the request is being authorized.

St. Croix Health requires a completed and signed release of information form before releasing records. To request records please email the completed from to or call 715-483-3261.

Due to the cost of maintaining, retrieving, and copying records, there may be a charge for copies unless they are being sent directly to a healthcare facility. Upon receipt, we will process your authorization form for the release of your information. This may take three to five business days. Please bring a photo ID if you are picking up any records in person.

If you are looking for immunization records both Minnesota and Wisconsin have systems that allow you to request this information.

Call us at (715) 483-0582 and we will help you obtain your medical records.